Top 10 Viruses Use By Hackers 2020

Top 10 Viruses Use By Hackers 2020

Top 10 Viruses Use By Hackers 2020, There are many Virus out here on the internet, so I’m going to highlight all check out below.

1.The Elk Cloner virus was written for Apple DOS 3.3 and spread via
floppy disks; it displayed a short poem and was activated on its 50th use. The
Elk Cloner virus was the first PC virus.

  1. The Brain virus was the first worldwide virus to also spread by floppy
    disks, and the two brothers in Pakistan who wrote the virus did not intend for
    it to be a destructive virus, yet despite their intentions, it materialized into one.

3.The Melissa virus was based on a Microsoft Word Macro and was designed
to infect e-mail messages by sending infected word documents to the first 50
people in a user’s outlook list. The Melissa virus was reported to cause more
than $50 million in damages to other computer users and businesses.

  1. The I Love You virus infected millions of computers in a single day sim-
    ply because the attachment stated “I Love You” and people’s curiosity caused
    them to open the infected attachment, which, when opened, would copy
    itself in different files on the user’s hard drive and also download a file that
    stole passwords from the victim.

  2. The Code Red virus was directed to attack the U.S. White House as a
    distributed denial-of-service attack, but it was stopped before it could effect
    the attack. However, this virus did infect thousands of computers and caused
    over $1 billion dollars in damages. A second version, Code Red II, attacked
    Windows 2000 and Windows NT systems.

  3. The Nimda virus was one of the fastest propagating viruses to enter the
    Internet, and its targets were Internet servers; it really worked as a worm and
    caused significant damage to many users.

  4. The Slammer virus in 2003 was a Web server virus that also roamed
    through the Internet at incredible speed. Many corporations in both the
    financial services and airline industries suffered significant losses estimated
    in the range of several billion dollars.

  5. The My Doom virus used a denial-of-service attack script and sent search
    engine requests for e-mail addresses, causing companies such as Google to
    receive millions of requests and severely slow down services and, in some
    cases, to close down companies.

  6. Worms do not change other programs, but a worm is a computer pro-
    gram that has the ability to replicate itself from computer to computer and to
    cross over to network connections. It is important to stress that while worms
    do not change other programs, they may carry other code that does change
    programs, such as a true virus.14

  7. In 2007, the “Storm” worm used social media approaches to fool com-
    puter users into situations where they loaded botnets into their computers,
    and Bruce Schneier reported that millions of computers were infected by this
    worm, which carried virus code as well.

  8. A Trojan horse is a program that masquerades as a legitimate applica-
    tion while also performing a covert function. Trojan horse programs do not
    propagate on their own, so they rely on users to accept the executables from Historical Reference Points in the Computer Industry 11
    untrusted sources. Consequently, this becomes a major social engineering

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