How To Create Virus In Termux App

How to create virus in termux app

how to create a android virus in termux app, I’m going to walk you through on how to create a working and live virus in termux app.

lets get started

  1. you need to download termux app from play store if yo want so i give the link for this app.

2.after download and install
you need to install vbug tool in termux for installing vbug tool u want to follow this cammands

a.apt update

b.pkg install python python2

c. go to chrome browser and open this url and download file

after download the file extract it into vbug folder

now open termux app

give the following commands

type ‘cd /sdcard’

type ‘cd vbug’ (go to folder that the file was downloaded)

type ‘cd vbug’

type ‘python2’

now the console is opened

choose the device u want to make virus for
for android
type ‘1’

now choose which type of virus u want to make

there are 5 types of virus






now sent this virus to victum and install it to your victim Device.

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